Sunday SChool

Sunday School classes meet each week from 9:45am to 10:45am. 
Children and Youth classrooms are located in the gym. 

Below is a list of our adult classes.
Please know that you are welcome to visit any of these classes as you look to get connected to the class that is the best fit for you!

College/Career: Class is designed for Young Adults (18-29) who want to connect to the church, deepen their relationship with Christ and build community with one another.

Teacher(s): Jon & Susan Holmes

Location: South Hallway

Newly Marrieds:  A Bible Study for married & engaged couples in their 20s

Teacher(s): Mike & Jenny Hughes

Location: South Hallway

Adult Bible Study/Married or Single: All are welcome in the class as we build relationships & study through books of the Bible.

Teacher: Jon Hula

Location: South Classroom A

Inciteful Parenting: As a class, we read through books of the Bible verse by verse, using it to fuel our desire to demonstrate the gospel to our families every day, We also have time to share openly about our successes and challenges as parents, supporting and lifting each other up in the gospel community. 

Teacher(s): Dustin & Ginger Baerg

Location: South Hallway

Young Marrieds: Young Couples learning to grow together in Christ as we worship, connect and serve with one another. 

Teacher(s): Matt & Emily Canfield

Location: South Classroom B

Shepherds: Friendly, interactive Bible Study for all ages, constantly seeking to deepen our walk with Jesus in knowledge & in practice.

Teacher(s): Doug & Marla Morley

Location: Fellowship Hall

Scripture Searchers: 60s plus singles & couples. Individuals who explore God's Word and the impact it has on our everyday lives.

Teacher: Richard Canfield

Location: West Hallway

Jubilee Sisters: Explore the books of the Bible with seasoned women who love the Word. Fellowship and Community are important to each of us. 

Teacher: Barbara Crawford

Location: West Hallway

Email us HERE - and we will put you in touch with a Sunday School leader