ALL distributions will be done through the Pantry Bldg behind church

Pantry will be open

1st Monday Afternoon 1:30-3:00p

2nd Monday Night 6:00-7:30p

and  1 Saturday   9:00a-12:00n

 **  All will be Drive-Thru **

(See actual dates below)

No distributions will be handled

through the church office.

Changes will be made as warranted by local COVID regulations with the safety of our neighbors in mind

The Gleanings Food Pantry Ministry

provides food and sundry items (including shelf stable items, bakery goods, fresh produce, and meat) to residents of Mulvane and the surrounding area including; McConnell Air Force Base, Belle Plaine, Peck, Oxford, Rose Hill, Douglass, Haysville, and Udall.  

We are unable to serve Wichita residents at this time.

Since 2011 the food pantry has been faithfully supported by the generosity of FBC Members, making food available at no cost to anyone in need.  In February 2016 FBC Mulvane became an agency of the Kansas Food Bank which allowed the pantry to expand and set up regular hours.  In 2020 the Lord provided a 10'x20' Walk-In Freezer to better manage the volume of food donations, and enabled us to recieve local store donations, through Kansas Food Bank, at no extra charge to us.

The Food Pantry ministry has grown  from a closet in 2011 to a committed building, where we serve more than 600 each month, with over 1/3 of those being children and 10% being Seniors.  Gleanings is a 100% volunteer organization with participation by those age 5 to 85 who serve on  over 300 hrs each month (combined).

It is a joy to see God work in the lives of our friends and neighbors as we partner with fellow FBC members, our neighbors, Mulvane Dillons, Derby Walmart Neighborhood Market, Derby Target, Derby Dillons Marketplace, Derby Aldi and the Kansas Food Bank/ Feeding America to fight hunger in our area where 1 in 7 residents experience food insecurity.

2022 Distribution INFORMATION

> Each household is welcome to visit

each of the 3 distributions.

> One member of each eligible household

must be present to receive food

> Please bring Drivers License to

facilitate check-in

Weekday Distributions

(twice a month, except holidays )

9:00 am - 12 noon

1st Monday Afternoon

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

2nd Monday Evening

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Saturday Community Distribution

(once a month, except holidays )

9:00 am - 12 noon

Dates below subject to change 



Aug 01   Monday 1:30-3p

Aug 08   Monday 6-7:30p

Aug 27   Saturday 9a-12n

Sept 5    Monday CLOSED

Sept 12  Monday 6-7:30p

Sept 24  Saturday 9a-12n

Oct 03   Monday 1:30-3p

Oct 10   Monday 6-7:30p

Oct 22   Saturday 9a-12n

Nov 07    Monday 1:30-3p

  Nov 14    Monday CLOSED

Nov 19    Saturday 9a-12n

Dec 05   Monday 1:30-3p

Dec 12   Monday CLOSED

Dec 17   Saturday 9a-12n



July 2022 Report

190 Family Visits
(14 New Families)

648 People Served

2021 Final Report

2,950 Family Visits (178 New Families)

7,218 People Served

Over 89 Tons of Food Provided

Almost 3,000 Hours Volunteered

Join us in this amazing ministry where God is feeding

those in need of both physical and spiritual nourishment. 


Pray - Volunteer - Donate

Both food and dollar donations are greatly appreciated


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