our mission:

To Make and to grow as disciples of Jesus!


1st Service             8:30am

Sunday School   9:45am

  2nd Service             11:00am


1. We strongly recommend that masks be worn when entering the building. Masks are provided at every entry door for your convenience. As of July 10th 2020, face coverings in public settings are mandatory in Sedgwick County. 


2. There will be no food or drink provided anywhere at the church. You can bring your own coffee, but none will be available at church.


3. Hand sanitizer stations will be set up at the entry / exit doors. Door greeters will have spritz bottles with alcohol based sanitizer for a “no-touch” option.  


4. No offering plates will be passed in service. Offerings may be placed in the containers at the back of the sanctuary on the way out of service.


5. Before and after all services, a portable hydrostatic disinfectant fogger will be used on all seats, surfaces, door handles, bathrooms, and traffic areas.


6. There will be no greeting times during services, and we encourage people not to shake hands or have any physical contact in the church.


7. We ask that upon entering the church, everyone please move directly to the sanctuary seats and directly to their cars after service. 


8. We encourage those who are symptomatic, have been exposed to someone with COVID, hesitant about being around people, or those who are generally "at risk" due to health conditions to continue joining us over the internet. 


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