Protocols for May 24th and may 31st

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Hello FBC,


            I am excited that we are moving toward once again gathering together for worship. I have very much missed all of you and look forward to praising our Lord together again. As you know, Kansas’ governor has put out a four phased re-opening plan for the state and we will be tailoring our re-opening according to those guidelines.


            As we begin incrementally re-gathering, we must consider that our world and community have changed. There are many differing opinions about the nature of the COVID-19 crisis and the responses necessary for individuals, health officials, and governmental leaders. The unity of our church does not rest in any of this. We are united by Jesus Christ and that unity is far greater than any differences we may have about the current situation. I would ask that we show each other grace and understanding as we attempt to navigate this situation as best we can.


            If you are hesitant to return to church, please continue to take advantage of our livestream every Sunday and Wednesday. Those who have underlying health conditions or are in the “at-risk” category for COVID-19, please don’t feel as though you are obligated to come. It is far more important that you protect your health and well-being.


Please Note: If there is a resurgence of the virus which causes health officials to alter their guidelines, the following dates are subject to change. 


May 20th – We will have Wed. Night Bible Study – 6:30pm.

            - there will be no meals or children’s activities

            - the sanctuary will be set up to socially distance groups of 30 as per the     governor’s re-opening plan.   

            - all following Wednesdays in May will follow this model.


May 24th – Two Sunday services 8:30 & 11:00

            - We will limit the number of people to 75 per service (socially distanced)

            - Please fill your name into the RSVP form on our website

            - The RSVP form will be active the week before service.

            - No Sunday Schools, Children’s church, or Nursery provided


May 31st – Two Sunday service 8:30 & 11:00

            - We will limit the number to 50% of our sanctuary’s capacity (about 130) in          each service

            - An RSVP form will be available the week before service on the website

            - No Sunday Schools, Children’s church, or Nursery provided


Hopefully, we will return fully in June while continuing to observe the distancing guidelines. We hope that Sunday School and children’s activities will resume at that time.  

                                                                                                   - Jason





1. Our sanctuary will be set up to accommodate the social distancing guidelines put forth at each milestone in Kansas’ re-opening plan.


2. There will be no food or drink provided anywhere at the church. You can bring your own coffee, but none will be available at church.


3. Hand sanitizer stations will be set up at the entry / exit doors. Door greeters will have spritz bottles with alcohol based sanitizer for a “no-touch” option. Hand sanitizer will also be outside the bathrooms.


4. No offering plates will be passed in service. Offerings may be placed in the containers at the back of the sanctuary on the way out of service.


5. Before and after all services, a portable hydrostatic disinfectant fogger will be used on all seats, surfaces, door handles, bathrooms, and traffic areas.


6. There will be no greeting times during services, and we encourage people not to shake hands or have any physical contact in the church.


7. We ask that upon entering the church, everyone please move directly to the sanctuary seats and directly to their cars after service. We will dismiss in sections to ensure there are no traffic jams in the foyer.


8. Our livestream has come a long way in 8 short weeks. We encourage those who are hesitant or especially at risk to continue joining us over the internet.