Students (grades 7 - 12) come together for the sake of the Gospel

for accountability, service, spiritual growth and fun.

Our student ministry is most active on Wednesday nights

for Mid-Week Worship @The Well.

Anywhere from 40-55 students come to worship every week.

We play games, our student worship band leads us in song,

  & our Student Pastor Cameron preaches an expositional student-aimed message.

We also meet Sunday mornings for small groups at 10:00am @The Well.

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Mission Possible 2017

Eads COlorado

Annual student events

Here is a list of our annual student events. dates listed as they become available.

Also note there are many other smaller events happening throughout the year. 

Check out The Well's Facebook for up to date info

  • Murder Mystery Dinner                                 October 28   5:30PM

    Full Costume themed traditional "who dun it" murder Mystery dinner. This student favorite is crazy fun to be a part of.

    Pot Luck Supper

    Contact Cameron for details

  • white Elephant Christmas party               TBD

    One of the funniest events of the year. You never know what students will wrap up!

  • Dare 2 Share

    Evangelism Conference

    Watch for details on 2018 Conference

    Every January or February we attend a weekend conference. In 2017 we attended the DARE 2 SHARE in Omaha Nebraska. This is a conference to teach and equip students on sharing their faith.

  • D-Now 2017  is in the Books              

    Watch for details on 2018

    Disciple Now Student Weekend is the largest student event we do all year long. We have anywhere from 90-150 students attend the event. We put on this event to see students come to faith in Christ & to strengthen the relationship of those already following Him. This event is a Friday-Sunday double Overnight event. Students come Friday and are placed in a host home from our church with students in their grade and gender. They participate in 6 worship sessions with the band and speaker we bring in. We also play some CRAZY games, have scavenger hunts and this year we are renting out LASER QUEST WICHITA. This years theme is PURGE. "Follow the Spirit and PURGE yourself of sin" from Galatians chapter 5-6. The cost is $45  Money is never a reason someone can't attend. If you can't afford it, contact Cameron.

  • WInter Jam                                             

    Watch for Details 2018

    Winter Jam is a Christian Concert that happens every year in March.

  • Out of school Party                                       TBD

    An event where we get together and celebrate SUMMER VACATION! examples: Pool Party, Paintball, Allstar Sports, Trampoline Park ETC...

    Watch for details on The Well Student Ministry for updates

  • Falls Creek Student Camp                            

    Watch for details on 2018 camp

    Falls Creek Camp is the best and largest student camp in the U.S. There are 6000-9000 students that attend each week. The best part about that is you get all the amenities of BIG camp. Falls Creek's uniqueness is in its opportunity to get us all the benefits of small camp. Each church rents a cabin to fit their needs on the grounds of camp. You then tailor make your camp in-cabin experience for your own students. (We put on our own camp inside of BIG camp.)  It is literally the best of both worlds. The cost for camp this year is $_____ that includes all travel, food, lodging and camp fees. There are scholarships and LOTS of fundraising available for those who can't afford it.

    For more info on Falls creek go to

  • Back to school Bash  

    This is when we have one last hurrah before the dread of school starting!

    Watch The Well Student Ministry facebook page for updates

  • Misson Trip 2017

    This year we decided to stay a little closer to home. So we went to Eads Colorado. Never heard of Eads? Neither had we. Eads is a TINY town in eastern Colorado. A pastor reached out to us in need of help for his church and his community and called us to respond. God moved in our week in there. We saw 40+ kids and adults come to faith in Christ. We put on a VBS for his church, A sports camp for a neighboring community, and evening revival services at a local theater. God did some INCREDIBLE things through us! 

    P.S. Next summer (2018) we are going to JAMAICA!!!!!